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back once again....... so this week was alittle more electro house than it has been for a while but banging all the same!!! new tracks in the first hour from:
Style of Eye
and a track of the week from Marc Romboy!

also just after the track of the week there was an un-signed track from the guys behind the 'Dirty Tourism' nights in manchester that is a FUCKIN killer!!!! (any further info needed please forward me: primsessions@hotmail.com).....
p.s Dirty Tourism are hosting the backroom @ Cocoon, B'ham on Easter Sunday!!!

second hour was a mix from myself that was a little unplanned...just a load of tracks that i wanted to play.... a little self indulgent, but judging from the reactions during the show....well recieved!!

so here's the tracklists...........

alex reece - pulp fiction (foamo remix)
diplo & buraka sound system - inna de ghetto
mowgli - this is the sound
mike monday - housequake
sharvais - u don't even know us
tyree cooper ft cookie monsterz - hip housin (kid massive remix)
deadmau5 - reward is more cheese
foremost poets - moonraker (sleazy g remix)
style of eye - ona
andy caldwell - warrior (claude vonstroke remix)
riva starr - sound of the pecan

**track of the week**
marc romboy - sonara (hugo remix)

dirty tourists & midnite radio - indian summer
kreon - just jack

in the mix with PRIM:::::::::;
ane brun - headphone silence - henrik schwarz remix
italoboyz - zinga (ray okpara remix)
thomas melchior & luciano - solomuns prayer
beat galore friction - dancing bubble (radioslave remix)
ziggy kinder - flip flop crash (pier bucci remix)
raw headroom - only boring people get bored
riva starr - la gatta
todd bodine - calypso
claude von stroke - who's afraid of detroit (3 channels mix)
shaun king - weekend billionaire

please while you are on the web check out:
www.myspace.com/optimusprim and if you are on FACEBOOK just search out
'PRIM SESSIONS' and add me smiley

until next week.......

Much love


back this week after some technical fudge ups last week meant the show didn't air...... and bringing back that jackin sound!!
1st hour was the usual with some great new tracks from Catz n Dogz / nadastrom / spektre and a track of the week remixed by Martin Eyerer........

2nd hour was ateaser mix from Matt Cox (www.myspace.com/mattcoxdj) and then Prim Sessions resident jackin fidget boy ASK.......here's the tracklists!!

catz n dogz - my zoo is your zoo
italoboyz - zinga (ray okpara remix)
spektre - rabbithole (alex niggemann remix)
snax - honeymoon is over (konrad black remix)
livio & roby ft george g - the big game hunter
dj sneak - funky guitar (mastiksoul remix)
estelle - american boy (nadastrom remix)
dubjack - this sound
nadastrom - pussy
wu tang clan - the jump off (bird peterson remix)
**track of the week**
noosa heads vs marshall jefferson - mushrooms (martin eyerer remix)
steve lawler - carnival (binary & remix)
dj koze - i want to sleep

the mix...
matt cox mini mixer no tracklist....

ASK mash dem down mix
affie yusef & trevor loveys - tear up london
mightyfools - more gunz (liam vizzle remix)
toddla t - manabadman (andy george remix)
M.I.A - jimmy (konrad goes blucka blucka remix)
capleton vs oizo - flat tour (the heatwave refix)
morne munro - i am (kelevra so free remix)
jamie fanatic ft. mc VI - body & soul (kelevra remix)
altern 8 - move my body (nelly bootleg)
KRS 1 vs madskillz - sound of the pecan (riva starr re-chunk)
CLS - can you feel it (POW! POW! feel this remix)

don't forget if you are on FACEBOOK search out 'Prim Sessions' check www.myspace.com/optimusprim and add primsessions@hotmail.com to your MSN's for some cool free goodies or booking enquiries!

much love



Well can you believe another year is over!!!that was too quick..but to go against tradition i decided not to do a 'best tracks of the year' kind of show and instead decided to keep it fresh with a whole new batch of tracks and recorded my january promo mix on the show, so there was no talking!!!
here's the tracklistings:


ripperton - leonors lanugo
sascha bremmer & philip bader - thrill
james braun - shake (djuma soundsystem edit)
flip & djuma soundsystem - atilla
transform - transformation (tobi neumann & matthew styles analog memory remix)
do santos - menina
flip & djuma soundsystem - jaded
afrojack - thief
electrodomestici - tango! (ralf armani vs. simon concept mix)
sound diffusion - girls like hihats
sascha bremmer & philip bader - mamba drums
thomas schumacher - pink boots
anthony collins - sol-rhythm
deadset - same great taste (riva starr remix)
greenbeam & leon - vakho jaja (delete remix)

2nd hour Prim in the mix::::::::::::::::::

kreon - jauce
booka shade - sweet lies (jamie stevens remix)
steve lawler - carnival (gabriel ananda remix)
dj t - booty call (daniel melhart remix)
daniel stienberg - play for me (lauhaus remix)
marshall jefferson - mushrooms (meat vs einzelkind remix)
marc romboy - sonora (hugo remix)
chaim - rhythm insurance
kreon - just jack
booka shade - charlotte (mic newman remix)
andre either - in with the prim

hope you enjoy it!! don't forget check out www.myspace.com/optimusprim
and add me on facebook @

and add primsessions@hotmail.com to your mailers for info and bokings smiley



it's that time of year again and as i had a guest mix lined up from Bigger than Jesus that didn@t turn up...due to festive drinks....i decided to fill this weeks show with a 2 hour tech-minimal mix........... just for your Xmas gift from Th e Prim Sessions!!!!!

so here it is i hope you enjoy it and remember tune in next week for the end of year show smiley

Tracklist Xmas gift mix 2 hrs:

riz mc - radar (loco dice in the box remix)
burnski - cape and stick
gel abril - miranda
booka shade - sweet lies (patrice baumel remix)
robert dietz - lost horizon
luca bachetti - afrikaans
gavin herlihy - indian horn
dyed soundroom - tapioka
DJ T - booty call (evan baggs 6:15 remix)

****track of the week****
tokyo black star - game over (loco dice 5am @ the tsukiji market remix)

einzelkind - AKA the groove
unders & drrie - 3 days in kazacstan
chaim - no gateway
unkle - burn my shadow (audiofly remix)
danny tenaglia - the space dance (radioslaves remix)
francois k - road of life (radioslave remix)
dhs - house of god (martin landsky remix)
mr g - sometimes i cry (radioslave remix)
st germain - rose rouge (tak su & rahdoo remix)

also don't forget to check out www.myspace.com/optimusprim and also search Facebook for 'PRIM SESSIONS'....

Xmas love to you all



Welcome to this weeks podcast download from THE PRIM SESSIONS.... included on this weeks show is a competition for those listeners in the North-East UK to get some free entry to my gig on FRIDAY 19TH DECEMBER @ B.R.A in Sunderland with Mistress De Funk....... just name the 3rd track in the 2nd hour mix....... but anyway.....

here is the tracklisting for the 1st hour...
daniel portman - rumour has it
deadmau5 - slip
sharam - crazi
d-nox & beckers - beefcake (king roc remix)
lexicon avenue - pursuit (jim rivers remix)
remo ft cheloni r jones - empire (spektre remix)
tg - mr dry (jakob hildens mr right remix)
christian martin - cabs
oliver $ - hoflash vol 3
dubjack - this sound (kelevra remix)
****M.A.N.D.Y vs booka shade - donut****
style of eye - clown
jesse rose & oliver $ - wake up

mix hour...you won't get the competition that easily....but i will say this... i LOVE..."tokyo black star - game over (loco dice 5am @ the tsukiji market remix)"

(i think that is a big enough clue for you winking )

enjoy and don't forget check out:
www.myspace.com/optimusprim and search FACEBOOK for 'PRIM SESSIONS' and get down with it y'allllllll

much love


THE PRIM SESSIONS returned to the airwaves with a homecoming guest mix from Martin Czubala (mobilee rec) along with some new tracks and a track of the week also championed by Pete Tong, the Prim Sessions brings it back in style!

here's the track list::::::::::
1st hour new tracks and mini mix from Prim.....
dave spoon & pete tong - gasface
rene amesz - ploert (dj remy & roland klinkenberg remix)
fergie - break out (bigger than jesus remix)
d.nox & beckers - son of a pitch
daft punk - harder better faster stronger (deadmau5 remix)
tiger stripes - hooked (guy gerber remix)
steve lawler - 21st century ketchup (d'julz remix)
audiofly x & amelie - move
italoboyz vs noze - double trouble

track of the week forthcoming on Forensic Rec & CR2
**andy chatterley - access the future**

steve lawler & alex tepper - chalkee
marco carola - long jump
riva starr - squash

2nd hour mix from Martin Czubala
**no tracklist available*** sorry sad

don't forget to check www.myspace.com/optimusprim
and search FACEBOOK for 'Prim Sessions' for some exclusive goodies!!!!

Much love



super special guest mix from someone who is a very very busy man! Steve lawler was kind enough to push through a live recording from one of his summer sets from Space, recorded at WE LOVE SUNDAYS, during the summer....
in the first hour there were new tracks from Deadmau5/style of eye and also an excellent Chris Lake remix of the beautiful songstress Sia.....

tracklist for the first hour....
meat beat manifesto - radio babylon (lee coombs VIP mix)
jesse rose & action man - wind it up
? - attitude (kelevra remix)
justin james - in tha house
lee mortimer - putto
zoexenia - i know (riva starr scat remix)
kevin saunderson - rock to the beat (smith and selway remix)
deadmau5 - slip
sia - buttons (chris lake remix)
devilish & roel salamink - manalive (jon rundell remix)
style of eye - amelie
steve lawler - femme fetale (ripperton remix)

and the secondhour guest mix from Steve Lawler...sorry no tracklist smiley

don't forget to check:

and mail enquiries msn and promos go to:


much love


back with another guest mix from the Systematic artist, Dimitri Andreas, with his new release 'run and hide' already played on the Prim Sessions, Dimitri put together a mix for the show...
the first hour contained new tracks from Mightyfools / Nudisco and a track of the week from Style of Eye...

::::first hour new tracks/promos/un-released tracks::::
bloc party - mercury (herve in dissaray remix)
BPA - toe jam (micky slim remix)
liam vizzle - that banana track (hijack remix)
dj deekline - smoke da reefer (twocker remix)
mightyfools - super sexy (lee mortimer remix)
foamo - rockerman (lee mortimer remix)
christian martin - elephant fight (justin martin jungle remix)
gow - jiffy hornswoggle
nudisco - prepare to blast (kanio remix)
zade & kayne cross - euphonious

**track of the week**
style of eye ft stephan simmons - galore

ame - rej (atfc's twin cherries remix)
mlle caro & franck garcia - dead souls (radioslave's long distance kiss remix)

::::second hour guest mix from Dimitri Andreas:::::
Run and hide (original mix) - Dimitri Andreas
Woodstep - Solomum
21st Century Ketchup - Steve Lawler
Watamu Beach - Sebbo
Vacaciones En Chile - Ilario Alicante
Run and hide (Afrilounge remix) - Dimitri Andreas
Just so you know (2000 And One remix) - D'julz
Canstandlovegataway - Argy, The Mole
Elif (Dimitri Andreas remix) - Marc Romboy
Disorientation (Johnny D remix) - Guy Gerber
Changes of perception (Marek Hemmann remix) - Monika Kruse
Minimalesk - Alex Young
Streethorn - The viewers
Grindhouse feat Danton Eeprom (Dubfire remix) - Radioslave
Tiger - Dimitri Andreas

don't forget to check www.myspace.com/optimusprim

and also add primsessions@hotmail.com to your contact lists
for more info



This weeks Prim Sessions featured new tracks from Steve Lawler/who's who/Liam Vizzle and tiger stripes as well as a track from this weeks guest Jona.

The second hour mix from Jona was a mix of tracks from the last 15 years and was absolute quality!!! check it out!

Prim 1st hour new tracks/releases/promos::
steve lawler - femme fetale
djuma soundsystem & flip - jaded
dimitri andreas - run and hide
tiger stripes - midnight monkeys**
steve angello - gypsy
surkin - white knight 2(laidback luke remix)
afrojacker - thief
fez - heads high (remix)
liam vizzle - that banana track (kelevra remix)

**track of the week**
audible - moments

who's who - klack (mix two)
jona - secret 47

Second hour guest mix from Jona:
Andrew McLauchlan - Love Story 2000
Johnny D - Gualia 2007
Richard Brown - Bursting Out 2000
Joey Beltram - Arena 1999
Tres demented - Demented (Or Just Crazy)2003
Gerd - Arkest's Blaze 1995
Ben Long - In Search Of Mr. Big 2001
Okain - Arathi Basin 2007
Ignacio - Virton 2001
Richie Hawtin - Orange (Yellow mix) 1999
Blue Maxx - Terra Firma 1997
Santos Rodriguez - Road To Rio B1 1999)
Ben Sims/Phil Vernol/Rob Jarvis - Killa Bite 1 B1 1998
Peter Horrevorts - Evolver 2007
E-dancer - Warp 1998

Check back next week as i have a special guest mix!!!!

and also add me on facebook just search Prim Sessions



well after missing last weeks show due to connection problems i got back bringing you the best of what is/ will be around for you to get down to:::::::::::
1st hour new tracks::
deadmau5 - subvert
sebastien leger - monchichi
chris lake - mission
dj wady & patrick m - hulk
pryda - pjanoo (fred falke remix)
atfc - praise to the jb's
robot man - r u ready (daley padley remix)
tiga & zyntherius - suglasses @ night (popof remix 2)
kaskade - angel on my shoulder (edx re-rub)
ame - rej
***track of the week***
jesse rose & action man - wind it up
dons present john morley - oh la la (kelevra's 90's revival remix)
fake blood - mars
the mix hour
with prim..tech minimal style
marc romboy - karambolage (oxia remix)
my my - everybody's talkin
kiki & sasse - belvedere (two armadillos remix)
jona - secret 47
dakar - i got that feeling (lopazz remix)
alex niggemann - circles (einzelkind remix)
dj t - outbreak (true school mix)
maetrik - stab jockey
a.d.n.y - zero too deep
dave aju - crazy place
nina simone - sinnerman (luciano bootleg)

enjoy it and dont forget to add:
primsessions@hotmail.com to your MSN and mailouts

and check:


next week:

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